Hillary (lilkittyangel) wrote in loveless_losers,

My own sordid story...

Oh thank God I'm not alone in all this, haha. I'm only 16 years old, so I guess I have some time to find love, but the way my friends act (they've all been boy-crazy ever since... well, they've always been boy-crazy) I just always feel like a loser. Zero guys have shown any interest in me... until this year, when this one guy started randomly talking to me and he actually seemed to like me. Later, I found out from my friend he was actually thinking of asking me out at some point, but she told him NOT to because she didn't think I'd say yes. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have. I have some social anxiety issues (even though I don't think I have the disorder, exactly) and dating to me sounds positively terrifying, not the fun merry-go-round of laughter my friends make it out to be (until the break-up comes, of course). Still, now he never even talks to me, which is a shame because even if we weren't going out, I still would've liked to be friends. *sigh* Being a loveless loser in high school really, really sucks.

So yeah... just thought I'd share.
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