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New to L_J and This is My 2-week Curse...

I'm very new to L_J but when I saw this community, I just had to join and say something.
I'm a 23 yr old female that's single and I have no idea why!  People sometimes tell me that I could be a model and that it should be easy for someone like me to find someone and that drives me up the wall!  This all has led me to be extremely critical of myself where everything I do is "wrong, that's why I don't have a boyfriend."  And of course everyone has a different opinion about why I'm single and they are more than willing to tell me things like "you don't smile enough," "you're too picky," "you look too high maintenance," etc...   And you know its bad when you go out shopping with your dad and he starts pointing out all the good-looking guys that you should make eye-contact with!

As for dating, I have been on some dates, and sometimes they seem promising, but then the "2 Week Curse" happens.  That is a term my friends and family use to describe my love-life.  It means that after dating a guy for 2 weeks, he stops calling, disappears, goes back to his ex, finds a new girl, starts studying for the Bar exam, moves to a different hemisphere, you name it!  People tell me that those guys were jerks and that its not my fault, but is it really? 

I have examined myself as a person a lot, but I'm very happy with ME.  I'm not a bitch, as I am very laid-back and never jealous.  I am not one of those girls that have to be constantly in the spotlight and, as a matter of fact, I'm a very giving person.  I don't dress like a slut, but I take a lot of pride in my appearance.  I am a prim and proper kind of girl so I know its not like I have some gross or rude habits that are scaring guys away.
I do know that part of my problem is just not being able to meet guys.  I'm not into the club scene because I find it incredibly superficial and how can you talk to anyone to get to know them with all that loud music?  Plus I don't want to be around drunk people and all their drama.  They tell me that I should go to places where other people who share my interests hang out, but usually guys who like the same things I do tend to be gay....

The most frustrating thing is hearing the horror stories guys have with their girlfriends and I can't believe that some psycho girl can be in a long-term relationship while I can't even remember the last time a guy gave me his number.  Am I really doing something wrong?  Is it me?  I jokingly tell friends that I might as well start preparing to be some crazy cat-lady and begin hording cats and name them after the guys I dated.  I just hope it doesn't come true!
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