Hillary (lilkittyangel) wrote in loveless_losers,

What do guys like to talk about?

Ok, I'm pretty sure I'm a loveless loser because of one thing: I can't make small talk. I do like to have deep conversations and arguments about politics (not that I know much about politics, but that's beside the point) and all the rest of it, but to get to that point with someone, you kind of have to talk to them about the little stuff first, right? But what exactly am I supposed to say? "Nice weather, eh?" That's about the time guys think you're boring and start ignoring you forever. Believe me, I've tried to start conversations with guys before about school or summer plans or whatever and they end up giving me the "I'm bored to death by your inane chatter" look or the "why the heck are you even talking to me anyway?" look. What do guys like to talk about? Ugh, someone please help me here.
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