shiningchild (shiningchild) wrote in loveless_losers,

Question for the group:

Heya. I was really glad to find this group about a year or two ago. I seriously was a "loveless loser," and had been for most of my life.

I've been wondering if people here, when something good happens or something changes, can or should post here to the encouragement of others? Or would such stories be more depressing? Or could they perhaps be filtered? I just have a lot of sympathy for anyone who feels like I did, plus I know that it could happen to me again.

A lot of people never understand others like "us;" I never felt my friends and people who bounced from relationship to relationship (which seemed the "normal" thing) understood what it was like to be someone who had NEVER had a relationship.

So anyway...if posting would give hope or encouragement, I'd like to do it; but if it would be more unwelcome and intrusive instead, then of course, I'd rather respect the sentiment of this group, that helped me realize I was not alone. What do people think?
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