lilgeisha (lilgeisha) wrote in loveless_losers,

Online Matching Sites...

Has anyone here tried sites like or any other dating/matching site?  I've been on since November and I have been having amazing success with it.  I have finally been able to find guys that appreciate me for who I am, aren't mental cases, and who I actually want to be with.  I haven't started exclusively seeing anyone quite yet because, despite the fact that I have been a loveless loser for some time, I don't want to jump into something too quickly.  So at least try it if you seriously want to pick yourself up from this funk and try to find someone for you.  There's hundreds of millions of people on this earth and I have always refused to believe that there's absolutely no one on earth for me, so if you don't want to keep being a loveless loser, you can try something like this.  
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