Madame Brightside (yellowsnakepoet) wrote in loveless_losers,
Madame Brightside

I posted this on my personal journal and nobody replied...

I'm so scared. This isn't normal. I'm 23 almost 24 and I've never kissed or had sex or been in a relationship. I'm terrified. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!! I don't even want to be alone when I turn 24. But what can I do? Why won't someone love me???????????

Seriously, don't any of you give a shit? Or do you just read entries like this and think "oh well, not my problem, it's the crazy ranting again"? Or are you just glad you're not me? It's ........this is not fair. God, why couldn't I have just had a normal experience? Why is this happening to me? WHY? WHY do I have to live like this? What is wrong with me, why doesn't someone want me, why is this happening to me, why is this happening to me why is this happening to me why is this happening to me .......

This is the truth: Most of my friends on livejournal are happily partnered with someone, and I'm not. I complain about my situation a lot, and they just get resentful because they think I expect them to break up with their SOs just because I'm unhappy. I do NOT UNDERSTAND WHY I AM FORCED TO LIVE THIS WAY. I COULD NOT be more miserable about my situation. GOD, it sucks so much and makes me question myself and everything about me. Am I repulsive? Am I disgusting? Why is this happening to me. Oh god...what am I going to do?
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I promise there's nothing wrong with you :) I'm 25 (going on 26) and I'm still a virgin, never had a real boyfriend, etc. Everybody's experiences are different, and being a late bloomer (which I guess would be the best term for us) doesn't mean anything bad :)
alright lad, calm down. Breathe a couple of times.

We're all more or less in the same boat here so you're amongst good company. I'm not sure why you use the words 'forced to live this way' though. Would you care to elaborate?
From what I saw, you received quite a few replies from concerned friends when you posted this in your private journal. You simply waited a grand total of five minutes before you posted here about how nobody cares about you because they didn't reply, and a whole six minutes before you started posting abusive messages in your own journal about how you resented us all for ignoring you.

Yet, even after all that, people still replied.

Sounds like you've got some pretty good friends there.
i'm not going to tell you everything is going to be ok,
like most people would
cuz how could i know it?
i'm just feeling so sorry for you...

I am going to ask you this... Do you take care of the way you look? Do you dress to attract? Do you wear makeup?? People say this shouldn't matter.. but it does. If you do take pride in your appearance.. possibly you are shy and give off this "do not approach" attitude. I persoanlly do this and I am considered very attractive. Very few guys approach me and almost NO ONE ask me out. I had problems in my 20's attracting people and was very lonely. I am only successful on online dating sites. The reason is that they see my picture and profile and can decide if they like me and visa versa. I am much more confident meeting someone this way because I know already before I meet them if they have an interest. Funny isn't it. I am working hard to try and change this. Tired of spending my weekends alone! Good luck to you!!