Madame Brightside (yellowsnakepoet) wrote in loveless_losers,
Madame Brightside

I posted this on my personal journal and nobody replied...

I'm so scared. This isn't normal. I'm 23 almost 24 and I've never kissed or had sex or been in a relationship. I'm terrified. I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!! I don't even want to be alone when I turn 24. But what can I do? Why won't someone love me???????????

Seriously, don't any of you give a shit? Or do you just read entries like this and think "oh well, not my problem, it's the crazy ranting again"? Or are you just glad you're not me? It's ........this is not fair. God, why couldn't I have just had a normal experience? Why is this happening to me? WHY? WHY do I have to live like this? What is wrong with me, why doesn't someone want me, why is this happening to me, why is this happening to me why is this happening to me why is this happening to me .......

This is the truth: Most of my friends on livejournal are happily partnered with someone, and I'm not. I complain about my situation a lot, and they just get resentful because they think I expect them to break up with their SOs just because I'm unhappy. I do NOT UNDERSTAND WHY I AM FORCED TO LIVE THIS WAY. I COULD NOT be more miserable about my situation. GOD, it sucks so much and makes me question myself and everything about me. Am I repulsive? Am I disgusting? Why is this happening to me. Oh god...what am I going to do?
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