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I am 15 years old..

And I want a boyfriend.
I want something to look forward to.
I want to wake up and smile knowing that there is somebody out there that actually gives 2 shits about me.

I'm sitting in math class today and all I can think about is making out with Tarek.
My teacher has a HUGE smile plastered on his face and his name is 'Mr. Tombs' and he's talking about partial variation but I'm not listening at all even though I passed math with a 60%.


I'm thinking about making out with the adorable Tarek in the rain.
He asked me yesterday if I had ever kissed anybody in the rain and of course I HAVENT
because I am a loser and all the guys I have ever been with were fucking dipshits.

Thats why I typically like older guys. Not to old but just old enough to have matured a bit and developed some personality.

well I'm out.
Going to play tennis.

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